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I'm a winner, I Survived!!!

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win.jpgThis is the second year I’ve entered into Yahoo’s Survival Football Challenge. They place you into a group of 25 people, and the goal is simple…

You get to pick one NFL game… any game you want. And if the team you pick wins, you continue. However, if the team you select loses, you’re eliminated. It’s that simple. Your goal is to outlast the opponents.

But, there is a catch… you can’t pick the same team more than once. It still sounds kind of simple, but really it isn’t. Last year, I entered and lost in the first 4 weeks. And then I re-entered, and lost again. There are too many upsets in the NFL, and there are too many teams that can lose to a “lesser” team.

But this year, I had a different strategy. Avoid picking the big favorites. I never picked Philly, and I never picked New England. Besides, if you don’t pick them, they’ll be available later in the season. Turns out, I didn’t need them. I survived! Everyone was eliminated within 7 weeks, except for me!

I did have 2 close calls, though. In week 2 I picked Cincinatti to win. They were playing Miami, and won only 16-13. And in week 6, I picked Atlanta to defeat San Diego. That was even closer… 17-16.

Anyway… yay, me! I won! I survived!!!

Las Venturas (!?!), Baby!!!

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lv.jpgIt seems like my inundation of all that is Las Vegas continues… but this time, into the Video Game Realm.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which comes out this week, focuses on an entire state this time, not just a city. And one of the cities in San Andreas is Las Venturas, obviously an homage to Vegas. And the game made Las Venturas pretty similar to Vegas… There’s the “old part of Venturas, which is comparable to Downtown… There’s the strip, which is comparable to well, the Strip. The Mirage Casino is the “Visage”, Caesar’s Palace is “Caligula’s Palace”, The Luxor is “The Camel’s Toe” (that’s funny as shit, BTW), the Excalibur is the “Come-a-lot Casino” (again, funny!), and Circus Circus is “The Clown’s Pocket”.

This is going to be a fun game!

And a return trip to Vegas will indeed happen, just when?

Another 80's Lyrics Quiz

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Think you’re in the know of your lyrics from the ‘80’s? Give thie quiz a try. I scored a 70.5, but didn’t try to answer them all — I’m sure I could have done better with a little more thought. Still, see how you can do! Click on the image above for the quiz!

Almost there!

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Well, the big news that I’ve been closing in on…

I’m still waiting to finalize. I should find out exact final details tomorrow (that’s Friday). And then my world will allow me to breathe shortly thereafter.

Again, there’s a little hint in there.


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