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Rest in Peace, Adam

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I’ll mention my jury duty tomorrow, partially because I haven’t completed the case (have to go back tomorrow), but there’s a more important reason.

Last night or this morning, Adam Goren, a student at the Seminary where I used to work, and someone I do call a friend, passed away.

He was found dead in his bathroom. All indications lead to it being of natural causes. But it’s strange to me — not strange in an “I don’t believe it really was of natural causes” way, but strange in a theological or religious way.

Adam, who was only 27, was a Senior at VTS. He was preparing to take his GOE’s (General Ordination Exams) in January, and would be a practicing minister once he graduated this coming May. But Adam wasn’t your averagely-perceived Seminary student. Adam would have a beer with you (actually, he would race you in chugging beers), and Adam would use curse words, and Adam would organize Poker Tournaments. And I don’t think that there’s a thing wrong with anyy of those. See, I think that might have been part of Adam’s approach to getting the word of God out to people — by being a buddy, by being “real”, and by not being “preachy”. He spent some time with the Theology department at Episcopal, and had (I believe) hopes of working with the School Ministry.

And Adam was a great guy, too. He frequently helped us out with catering events, and would always make time to come back and speak to every single member of the kitchen. He’d even “flirt” with Mrs. Hazel, to make Pedro “jealous” — they both were playing, but it was great to have that kind of comraderie there.

And I don’t understand why someone with the potential to change so many people’s lives for the better, to bring people closer to God, has been taken from us. It doesn’t seem like it’s the best use of Adam and his now-unable-to-achieve potential. It’s also hard to believe that I just saw him on Sunday — seemingly in perfect condition — and now he’s no longer with us. I’m simply shocked.

I don’t proclaim to understand God’s will or God’s plan. But I do have faith that everything He does is for a reason. I’ll probably never know (at least while I’m alive) why God took Adam away from us, but when God does eventually explain it to me, it’ll make perfect sense.

But, even still, I’m sad.

And even though I know where Adam is right now, and that he’s absolutely happy, I still miss him.

Rest in Peace, Adam.

Jury Duty

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It’s official, tomorrow I must attend Fairfax County Courthouse for jury duty. My summons mentioned that I could call in to see if my “group” would need to appear. I’m in group 210, and groups 200 - 211 must appear. So, I’ll have to go there, to see if I’ll even be needed. The summons says that there’s lots of waiting, and to bring things to quietly pre-occupy myself. I’m thinking laptop (they say they provide internet access), minidisc player (that’s what I have until I join the mini-hard drive revolution… I’m waiting for Sony to make a better version… the first version didn’t rate too highly… and couldn’t even pick up FM radio), maybe a book, and some DVD’s to watch on my laptop. I don’t know how much time I might need to kill, but I’ll be ready anyway.

I’m not completely looking forward to showing up for jury duty. I’d be happier about “fulfilling my civic duty” if this weren’t such a busy week at work. The worst part of it all? I have to be there by 8:15! Ugh, I hate mornings!

Anyways, whether I have to actually appear on a jury, I’ll have to possibly go back in next Tuesday as well. The worst part of that… I’m supposed to be on VACATION at that time. That just sucks…

But at least it’s only for 2 weeks.

survchris.jpgChris has won Survivor, Vanuatu.

He was a HUGE survivor. I’d go so far as to say that he probably survived more than any other. He screwed up the very first challenge, which SHOULD have had him eliminated. He was outnumbered 6 to 1 by a woman’s alliance, who were hell-bent on eliminating every single man on the show. Yet, he won the whole damn game! Think about that, he was down 6 to 1, then 5 to 1, then 4 to 1, then 3 to 1, then 2 to 1, and he won the game. Truly Amazing!

Granted, the game spun away from the men vs. women during the time he was down 6 to 1. Three other tribemates, who basically felt that they were on the outs eventually, decided to pick Chris off of his feet, and give him a chance — because keeping him ultimately game them a chance. And that realignment was all he needed to win the game.

The night that he was down 6 to 1, Ami had immunity — she could not be eliminated from the show. Well, Ami at that time was basically head of the women’s alliance, and her friend LeAnn was going to the end with her. Well, the aforementioned realignment took place, and LeAnn never saw it coming. And neither did Ami! I was so happy that the game was making a change, that I literally was yelling in excitement. I was ecstatic that the smug tandem of Ami and LeAnn had been split up.

But, if I had to vote for the winner, I’m not sure that I would have voted for Chris. It was, after all, Twila who gave him the opening to continue in the game. But I guess that he took over from there.

He certainly survived!

Sweet as Sugar!

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beamerdump.jpgWhat’s better than beating UVa?

How about doing something that UVa has never been able to do? Bringing the ACC Championship back home to Virginia!!!

With such a great victory over Miami, in the Orange Bowl, Virginia Tech is poised to receive a BCS invite to the Sugar Bowl on January 3, 2005. The likely opponent? Auburn. Yes, that’s undefeated Auburn. Yes that’s the same Auburn who should rightfully be playing for the national championship.

It’ll be a tough game for sure! But this season has had a common theme: playing as a TEAM UNITED to overcome! How often have we been the underdogs this season? Ummm, we were predicted to finish anywhere from sixth through eighth — we have silenced them all! Auburn, don’t take VT lightly, or you’ll end up with your first loss of the season! Be ready to bring it!

Turkey for Thanksgiving!?!

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hokiebird2.jpgA few days late, but I had a great Thanksgiving!! What made it great, let me count the ways:

1. I got to spend time with my family. Got to see my parents, my brother, sister-in-law, my nephew (he is getting bigger and smarter each time I see him), 2 aunts, an uncle, 2 cousins, 2 second cousins, and one cousin’s husband. Can never spend enough time with enough family. Ummm, well, at least during the holidays! (Just kidding of course!)

2. Got to wish Tone well before he heads to Iraq. He has to leave home on December 21, and will be in place on December 26. Could the government be a little more sensitive to anything important that time of the year? Christmas maybe? Anyway, here’s wishing good luck to Tone.

3. Dallas Cowboys won on Thanksgiving day! Yeah, not much to brag about there, as they’re only 4-7 this year. Wait, it is something to celebrate! The Cowboys won!

4. My Virginia Tech Hokies soundly defeated the over-rated in-state rival Virginia Cavaliers. We were predicted to finish anywhere from 6th to 8th in the ACC this year. And this weekend, we play Miami for the Championship. Funny thing, two Big East teams playing for the ACC Title! Outsiders Rule, huh? If we win, it’ll probably be off to the Sugar Bowl to play against Auburn! Either way, this weekend’s game will be a great one!

5. I got my payout from the refinance, and my credit cards are paid off! Things are still getting better! Now, it’ll be just time that’ll continue to heal my credit scores! Of course, there’s still that desire for new furniture… but I think that I’ll probably wait until the tax returns come in… maybe… I’m still not sure, I REALLY, REALLY want furniture.

6. I think that maybe, just maybe, the world isn’t too bad a place. And just wait… I’m thinking that it’ll get better, too!


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