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You have to pay taxes on THAT?

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taxes3.jpgWell, for the past 2 years (since I became a homeowner), I’ve been doing my taxes using TaxCut. Last year, I got both my federal return and my state return in less than 2 weeks. I was MORE THAN PLEASED with my return for only owning a home for 5 months of the past year.

So, I expected similar amounts this year, but in proportion to the whole year. Um… WRONG!!! I ended up getting a little bit less this year. I’m confused, but at least it’s a return, and I don’t have to pay them.

Well, I’ve already submitted my tax returns this year, and have already received my state refund, when I get something interesting in the mail…

I got a 1099 from the state of Virginia, saying that I got a refund of $540 from my taxes last year… and that I need to claim that on my taxes this year.

WHAT???!!!??? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!!

I have to claim an additional income of $540 that was a return to me because I overpaid my state taxes last year? Didn’t I already claim that amount as income last year? And pay taxes on it? Overpaid it, even? And now I have to claim it this year? Even though I’ve already filed my taxes? FUCK THAT!!!

That sounds like I’m having to pay taxes on the same income twice!!!

If anyone who reads this knows any more about this, please email me at BCunningham2 (at) gmail.com, or click on the Comments link below.

Bo's Surgery Update

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Sorry for the delay in adding updates.

First of all, Bo is back home now. He got to go home last week on Thursday. It’s simply amazing to me that someone can have brain surgery on Tuesday and go home on Thursday! Simply amazing. When I got to see him on Wednesday night, he was in great spirits! I also just happened to be there when they switched him from the ICU to a normal hospital room. I had no idea that when I’d see him the next day, it would be at home!

While Bo was in the hospital, Missy’s mom (who was watching Jeremy) got a little sick (probably more from worrying than anything). So, when Bo came home from the hospital on Thursday, he walked in to the house, and told her that he was back home to take care of her. Typical of Bo’s sense of humor!

The doctors said that the tumor looks benign, but that they had to send it to the laboratory for testing to be sure. As I mentioned before, he’ll be taking anti-seizure medication for the next 6 weeks, and that’s pretty standard following any neurological surgery.

He’s got 35 staples in his head, going from between the ear and sideburn, across the top of the head, to between the other ear and sideburn. He originally had some swelling on one side of his head and face (including a swollen and black eye), and when they removed the bandages, swelling began under the other eye. The doctors say that’s pretty normal for after these types of surgeries. Bo tells me the face and eye swelling has pretty much gone away, although he’s noticed some swelling in his forehead area — again, normal. He’s supposed to have his staples removed on Thursday, and the doctors and nurses have said that removing staples is less painful than removing stitches.

Although Jeremy acted a little angry when Daddy came home, it wasn’t long before he was back to normal. I think he gave Missy a harder time for being away, while she was spending time at the hospital. When I came by on Thursday, Jeremy was still brdiging the gap between being angry at Daddy for being away and glad that he was home. So, I asked Jeremy if he wanted to go upstairs and give Daddy a hug and a kiss, and he shook his head no. And when I asked him again, he said “OK”, and went upstairs to give him that well-needed hug and kiss. From then on, he was Daddy’s buddy again.

At any rate, Bo’s home and doing fine! He’ll probably be out of work for 2-3 months (although he doesn’t know that yet), but I bet he’ll be riding around in the work truck sooner than that!


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