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Hint, hint

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0716061549.jpg Since I'm moving soon, I'd love to have this picture that I saw at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Perhaps it'd be a nice going-away gift, or a nice house-warming gift?

An Uncommon Occurrence

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2cats.jpgIt's not that they don't love each other, but they just don't lie together or sleep together very often. Well, tonight, as I go around and turn off all of the lights to go to bed, I notice both Pink and Buddy lying together in the same chair. It doesn't happen much, so I had to snap a picture.

I'm guessing that they're both sharing that particular chair, because it's not a chair they normally have access to. That's the chair that usually sits in front of my computer desk, in my bedroom/office. Well, since I'm getting the condo ready to put it on the market, my agent says to take that chair out of the bedroom, and put it into the guest bedroom, and to bring a smaller dining room chair for the desk. Smaller chairs make it look like there's more space.

I've done a good bit of work on getting this ready to go on the market, so hopefully it'll sell relatively quickly. It'll go on the market on Monday, and we're planning an open house next Sunday as well. It would be ideal if I could get this place sold, and buy a place in Philly, so that the moving will be one fluid motion. I'm guessing that's more of a dream than reality.. but I'm certainly hoping!!!

rain1.jpg We've had some big rain storms in the last couple of weeks. Today, we lost power for the second time in less than 2 weeks. Thankfully, that's the extent of it for here. Just up the road in Rockville, lots of people had to evacuate their homes because of a potential overflowing dam.

Also, in Philadelphia, in the Manayunk area, several blocks of Main Street had to be closed due to flooding.
So... speaking of Philadelphia and Manayunk.... that's the area where I think I'ld like to live. But we've got some work to do before then. I don't want to commit to purchasing anything there until I've sold here. My condo will go on the market here next Monday. I don't know how quickly it'll sell, but I am pricing it failry aggressively, with incentives for the buyer as well as for the buying agent. I just hope it goes fairly quickly, so I can go ahead and buy something in Philly... I really don't want to have to move twice.

rain2.jpg I saw Superman on Monday. I thought it was very good. The movie lasted about 2 and a half hours, but it only felt like an hour. I also think I'm crushing on the new Lois Lane... no, not on Kate Bosworth, but her playing Lois Lane. Anyway, the movie had great special effects. And although the story did have some holes in it (Kryptonite nearly kills Superman, but then he basically just picks it up and gets rid of it???), the movie was fairly well written. There was even a mini-surprise in Lois Lane's son and tons of possibilities for another sequel.

rain3.jpgAnd before the movie, they showed a preview for Spiderman 3. Let me tell you, it looks FANTASTIC!!! Bad news, though... it won't be opening until next May 4... that's 2007.

Well, there's one more movie that I'm really looking forward to... and it'll open in just a couple of weeks. Clerks 2, another of Kevin Smith's movies, opens on July 21. I love all of Smith's movies (yeah, even Jersey Girl), so this one will have to be great! Just a couple of weeks away!!!

Lastly.... Happy 4th!!!


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