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Poker Quote

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Besides lovemaking and singing in the shower, there aren't many human activities where there is a greater difference between a person's self-delusional ability and their actual ability than in poker -- Steve Badger

Sheryl is Gorgeous & FUNNY

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On her tour with John Mayer, Sheryl was the victim of a small prank. On the second to last night of the tour, she calls Mayer out to play "My Favorite Mistake", and he shows up wearing a bear suit. Kind of funny, I guess...

So, she decides to retaliate.

On the next night, when he's playing, she comes out on stage...

... in a bikini, and with a baton!!! Yeah, nice prank... although I think that John Mayer got the better of it. Let's see... someone in a bear suit, or someone in a bikini? No decision necessary!!!

The pictures follow... and let me add... Sheryl has a fantastic body!!! I'm still in love!!!

sc-jm.jpg sc-jm2.jpg
But's what's up with the guy in the chicken head and diaper?

If you have no idea where this quote comes, it's really funny...

S: "You taste like strawberries."
K: "You taste like fish-biscuits."

Source of the quote? visit the extended entry...

Googled in PA

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Hey... how about that?

Someone from PA is googling me!

That person (possibly 2 different people, as I've noticed a comcast IP and a verizon IP) has come across my site by googling the name of the company I work for and Bri...

How very interesting!?! Welcome, look around, enjoy yourself... nothing to hide here... what you see here is certainly who I am.

I'd say that these are the most important posts I've made:

Now I need to go to bed, I need to be at work early in the morning... I guess I'll get used to that sooner or later... although I have gotten better......

The latest...

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Here's what's going on in the life of Bri-man right now...

I've sold my place in VA. I basically had to bend over and take it, with all of the concessions I made to sell it. But, I guess that since I still made a profit on it, and did actually sell it, I can't complain too much.

I don't have a place in PA yet. I'm still living in an extended stay hotel. The place that I really wanted to buy got a contract the day before I could write it, so I lost out on that... or did I? I got a call last week that the contract might be falling through... so I've sent a letter of intent, and hope to hear something tomorrow or Tuesday.

My new job is keeping me very busy. I was looking forward to a job where I'd be off from work "early enough to enjoy happy hour." But thus far, in about 6 weeks, I've left work in time for happy hour only once. ONCE!!! Either I've been sold a bill of goods, or "it's just the busy season". I believe that I'm actually working MORE hours here than at EHS. Man, this'll have to get better! At least I enjoy the faculty, students, and staff. I do have an employee with whom I'm having some difficulty adjusting, but I'm confident that'll be better soon!

Well, since I mentioned EHS above, I'll add that I've gotten lots of calls from people still at EHS: my former staff, some current EHS employees (both faculty AND staff), as well as people really close to the situation (vendors and such). And the concensus is... THEY HATE THE NEW COMPANY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

So, Mr. Boota De Butts, aren't you loving the decision you've made now? Or is your ego too big to realize that there's so much discontent, and that it's ALL YOUR doing? By the way, Boota... here's a quote from someone pretty high at EHS (and it's not CJ, if that's who you think!), in regards to your leadership (and I could type pages of examples of your poor leadership -- like calling one of the faculty member's children a "pest" in a business meeting in front of five outside companies!)... "With all of the changes he's making, the sense of Community at EHS is waining [sic] fast." Great job, Boota, destroy one of the cornerstones of the place that you love so much. Arrogance is one thing, Boota... but unjustified arrogance? It's just pathetic! I'll have an ice cream cone, please!

Well, now that my rant is over...

My Hokies have been a little over-rated this fall. I thought it (but didn't want to say it, just in case my read was incorrect). Yeah, we beat the teams we should have, but we had no reason being ranked #10 or #11 having not proven ourselves. The GA Tech game, although it really was only the first 11 minutes of the game, showed why I had my doubts. But even still, we're better than Florida State!!

And my Cowboys? Man, I dislike T.O. I compare him to when we had Deion Sanders. I'll be happy with his productivity, but I still won't like him. Why do I get the feeling that he'll end up in Washington in the next year or 2?

I REALLY can't wait to be moved into a permanent home... I'm really missing out on good TV. This time of year, it's not fun to be watching football or Lost in a hotel room, when I know that my HDTV is in storage just waiting to make it all look better! And I'm missing my Xbox 360 a little too... and my guitar... and having more than one room... Soon, I know, soon!


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