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New Music, aka "You Know Me...", aka " 'les you gon' do it!"

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joy.jpg Anyone who knows me really well is aware that I LOVE hearing some music that "shouldn't" be played on an acoustic guitar being played acoustically. Remember how I was playing "Faith" by George Michael BEFORE Limp Bizkit re-did it? Except I was playing it as a joke...

Anyways, I've found a new song that has that same sense of humor. An artist named Jenny Owen Youngs has recorded an acoustic/folk/pop version of Nelly's "Hot in Herre". The song is funny yet catchy, even sultry. She uses her Edie Brickell-type voice to nearly rap the song all the while playing her acoustic guitar. Hell, she's even faithful to the original by being grammatically incorrect ("Give that man what he askin for"). Check it out, you might find it funny too.

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