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I know, I know...

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You're clamoring for more, right? You want to read more about what's going on with me?

Well, I'll update soon. I promise!

Just know this... I've been VERY busy lately. And although I'm STILL frustrated about the selling of my house, I am very happy. I've got things going on both professionally and personally that are intriguing me, and that's a good thing.

And once things begin to slow down some (which SHOULD be in a couple of weeks), I plan on trying to train myself to run. I have no aspirations on ever running a marathon (sounds like torture!), but just getting outside and running around a bit just seems like I want to be doing. Besides, I might have to meet a lady at the finish line of a 10k sometime in January...

Begin again...

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vt_hokienation.jpg Let the healing begin!

I missed this...

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I wasn't aware that the Robinson brothers (Chris and Rich, from the Black Crowes) were going to be on Letterman on Friday night. A co-worker, Mike, let me know about it after the fact, and I have since found it on YouTube. Check it out!


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