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Yeah, yeah, I know...  lately, I say that I'll update something on the blog soon, and then never get around to it...


But, for now, I do have a reason...  since my daughter was born on January 6, I just haven't had the time to do anything other than take care of her and her mommy.  Both Monica and Abigail Mona (we'll call her Abby) are doing great!


And I promise I'll get pictures up sometime when I get a free moment.  At least my "friends" can see some of them on Facebook!


I've also started working on a "family website", casadecunningham.com, where I'll update more about Abby, and put more pics up for friends and family to see.  I got the "framework" set up before the baby was born, but just haven't had the time to go further...  but I will...  I'm really waiting for this one picture that was taken in the hospital to come back -- one where Abby is essentially laying in my hand.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture, and want that to be one of the big "eye candy"-type pictures for that site...  but we're still waiting...


Anyways... more info will really come along at some point!


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