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So, I finally did it. I always wanted to get Baptized, but was looking for a reason to do so. I always thought it would be a woman who would get me into church for it, but it wasn't. It was my nephew.

My nephew Jeremy was getting Christened, and Bo and Missy wanted me to be Jeremy's GodFather. Ideally, a Godparent is a baptized Christian himself. But I had not made that commitment yet. But the good news is that I was (easily) convinced by some people I am comfortable with: Missy, and Rev. Doug Wigner.

Doug performed Bo and Missy's wedding ceremony. He's also on the Board of Trustees at VTS (where I used to work). I'd see him 3 or 4 times a year at VTS, and was always impressed by how friendly he was. So, when he offered to Baptize me and Jeremy at the same time, I jumped at the opportunity. I'm glad I did.

I still need to find a Church to frequent up here in Northern Virginia. I'm considering going to Julia's Church one Sunday to check it out. The way she describes it, it's easily a cool church and a place I would enjoy.

Even still, I have a bond with Jeremy now that not too many people can claim -- we were baptized together. And we'll both eventually end up in a better place.

Catching Up

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OK... here's a few updates... I'm going to catch up on at least a couple of those topics I discussed on January 16. But first:

OMG! We ended up with about 18 inches of snow. I'm so sick of seeing snow, and shoveling, and wet feet, and hazardous conditions... I can't wait for springtime or summer.... because the top is coming down!

OMG... We've easily gotten more than a foot of snow today... and more is coming!!! This is ridiculous!!!!

Wanna know why this winter has been so cold and we've had so much snow and ice? It's all because of my car. One week before Thanksgiving, I went ahead and did it... I bought myself a new car... my dream car... a 2003 Mustang Convertible. It's sweet. But it's been too damned cold to take the top down. In fact, we've had 14 "weather incidents" since I've bought the damned thing. Karma? Bad Luck? Or a test?

Who knows... but I'm sure gonna enjoy the thing whenever it gets warm around here.


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