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Am I loving it or what?

VA Tech... 4-0, #4 in the country. It looks like we'll be fine until either the West Virginia game on Wednesday, October 22 (they play football on Wednesdays now?), or until we play Miami on November 1st. I don't know how we'll end up, but for now I'm happy.

Dallas Cowboys... 2-1, victories over the Giants and the Jets... next Sunday, we get Arizona at home (Emmitt returns to Big D). I'd hoped that Parcells would make the 'boys better -- and there's still ways to go -- but this far already? Hell, we can go 5-8 for the rest of the year, and STILL do better than last year. I'm hoping for 8-8 or better, but next year, I'm banking on the playoffs!!!

Coming down

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I've got less than a week of being medicated by anti-depressants. There was a point in the past week where I wasn't sure I could handle it. But right now, I think I'll be fine. On Monday (and somewhat before then, too), I had that whole "anxious feeling" in the back of my head, and in the pit of my stomach. There were times where I had to calm myself down. But I never hit a level of panic.

And by Wednesday, there were no feelings of anxiety. So, I'm guessing that I'll have to go through the same thing once more, about a week after I stop taking any meds. But, since I got through this without too much problem, I'm confident that there'll only be a slight adjustment period there too.

So, when is my last night of meds? This Monday night!!! And is anything interesting happening on Tuesday, my first med-free day? Ummm... let's see... Johnny Lang at the 9:30 Club!!! What a reward!

After the storm...

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Well, the hurricane's gone... Isabel's left us. So, how did things go? Ummm... not too badly.

Power went off around 6:45 on Thursday night. When I got to work the next morning (before an 8 am emergency Response Team meeting -- 8 am? UGH!!), the power was back on, but the water was off. But at 9:30 the same morning, the electricity went off... and it has stayed off. But the phones worked.... for a few more hours.

Well, as of 7:30 Saturday night, still no electricity. But the water is back on there! They're saying that the electricity should be on by morning... we'll just have to see, huh?

At home? Power came back on at 9:50 Friday night. Water was restored sometime earlier in the day.

This has been a wierd storm with electricity being out, because while our power was out, there were people with lights on LESS than a mile away. And at work, Foxchase still has power... again less than a mile away from work!

Got lucky, though... while putting stuff back out on my balcony, I notice that a huge branch had broken off and hit the balcony over and down a floor. The only damage was a bent balcony railing, but that's DAMN close!

As soon as electricity's restored at work, things should be tons better! But, I'll still have to work, and enter an order, and get things back to normal.

Storm's a brewin'

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Isabelle's on her way. This time tomorrow, we'll be in the midst of the hurricane, probably without electricity, probably stuck at work.

But maybe, just maybe, this will be nothing more than a heavy downpour.

We were asked to bring in all of our furniture from the balconies. So I moved in everything except for the table.

At work, I was asked to have days of non-perishable foods. And be ready to cook on an outdoor grill. Fun, fun, fun!

Again, I surely hope that this isn't as big as they're saying it might be.

Almost Drug Free

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I'm only 2 weeks away from being off of the anti-depressants!!! For the next 12 days, I only have to take half a pill. And then I'll be through with it all!!! I cannot wait!!!

Movable Type

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Here goes... let's see how well this new blogging tool works!

I'll be moving all of my livejournal stuff to the Movable Type blogging tool very soon.

Vegas Vacation!

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Well, there's going to be 2 versions of this "Reflection" -- the public one and the private one. For reasons I've discussed before, I don't want to discuss some fairly important details about my trip to Vegas. I mainly don't want other people to get in trouble because of the way some people handle their information. But suffice it to say, I had a great time in Vegas!!

Last summer, as part of a purchasing incentive, I won plane tickets for 2, and 3 free night's hotel stay, to anywhere in the country. They all had to be redeemed by the end of August, and despite my still-existing anxiety for flying, I was not going to miss out on this opportunity!

I had sort of waited to make any definitive plans about this trip because I didn't want to promise the trip to anyone, and then have a girlfriend or someone similar appear, wondering why she wasn't invited. I didn't even mention the trip to some people because I didn't want them to be offended if I didn't ask them to go with me. Well, needless to say, all of that thinking was for naught, and I ended up not having that girlfriend to even consider. I could have been realistic, but for once, I was optimistic. Didn't really matter, though. The person I decided to take with me was just as fun
(probably more fun, actually) as any girlfriend would have been. I will simply publicly state, that I had plenty of new experiences, and most of them were positive!!

Let me just start by saying that when we landed, the temperature that day had reached 119 degrees! Don't give me that dry heat bullshit! 119 degrees is hot even if it is dry. We quickly learned to party at night, and sleep during the day.

So, what did we do in Vegas? TONS!!!

We gambled for a little bit. It seems as if the dealer's personality has everything to do with how much you win! We set down at a blackjack table with a really nice dealer. We were having fun just chatting with the dealer, but it seemed that since she was nice, that we were winning! I'm not exaggerating, but I really won the first 6 to 8 hands of blackjack. Well, after she left, we got another really cool dealer. We spent her whole hour chatting and winning (well, at least not losing). We literally spent like an hour and a half on 80 bucks. And then.... the third dealer came along... She wasn't as pleasant, and neither were the cards! Eighty bucks gone -- and then another 100 gone... It was then time for the 25 cent slot machines!!

So, after a little of that, we had to make it to the Bellagio for "O, by Cirque du Soleil". I paid $125 per seat for this show, and was not going to miss it for anything! Well, my date had dressed up in a gorgeous red strapless dress that showed tons of leg -- like I told her, "She made me look good!" But after just a little bit of walking, she realized that her heels were hurting her feet, and we still had blocks to go to get to the Bellagio. So, we caught a bike-pulled-cart ride!

The show, "O," was amazing! Imagine all of those circus-stunts (minus the animals) done on a stage, over a huge tank of water!! The show was nearly "opera"-ish in its presentation, but just seeing all of those swimming, diving, balancing, etc. acts that close-up was simply incredible! The show even had clowns!! Amazing, even though I already used that word, is the only word I can even fathom describing this show!

Well, I had 3 free nights at the Courtyard by Marriot. But that was around a mile from the strip. Since we were there 2 more nights, we had to switch hotels -- we had to be on the strip. So, we went to the MGM Grand!!! The MGM Grand is a gorgeous hotel/casino. It has tons of restaurants, a lion habitat, and one of the top pool areas in Vegas (at least according to the Travel Channel). And the rooms themselves were extravagant and inexpensive!! I cannot imagine my next trip to Vegas not involving the MGM Grand!

So, we hit the pool for about an hour. We would have stayed longer, but we had to go and pick up tickets for Howie Mandel just as the pools were going to close down. So, we had to cut that short by a little bit. When we got to the pool area, they had already started whittling down everyone to the close-up pool. So, we didn't get to try them all out, and we couldn't go down the lazy river through the waterfalls. But we did have some strong frozen drinks while lounging in the main pool. Close enough to my pool plan!!!

So, as I mentioned, we also saw Howie Mandel in concert. He was hilarious! I'm fairly certain that the show would have been funnier if a couple of people in the audience didn't keep fucking with Howie. From what I hear, he's renowned for picking on the audience, so it must have been his turn. It was still a very funny show. While at this show, we were seated by a couple celebrating their 11th anniversary. I went ahead and bought a bottle of champagne for all of us. Hell, they deserved it, and I had plans of drinking champagne with my date anyway.

We spent the rest of that night checking out the scenes on the strip. The Bellagio has a wonderful fountain & lights show that takes place every fifteen minutes from dusk till midnight. They played some kind of Tony Bennett song and had the fountains dancing at different heights and in different patterns, while the lights chased them around! Wonderful show! We also spent a little bit of time looking for the "Volcano" in front of the Mirage. We couldn't really locate it, until the Volcano erupted -- directly behind us! We ended up with front row seats!!! We also went around the Venetian, but it was too late for a gondola ride. Again, my date's feet were bothering her, so we headed back to the MGM to get her changed into some more comfortable shoes (and a total outfit change, really). And we were going to head right back out onto the strip.

But we got side-tracked in the bar downstairs at the MGM. We ended up hanging out there and chatting and drinking, until that bar closed. That bar NEVER closes, they say, but since it was rather slow that night, they closed down to clean up. So we went to another close-by bar in the same casino, and had a few drinks before sending the bartender around the entire casino trying to find a bottle of champagne. When they finally located it, we took the bottle and 2 flutes up to the room for a romantic bath!! More about that in the private post -- you CAN access it if you're on my "friends" list!

The next afternoon, I get a call on my cell phone which totally ruined the rest of my vacation -- the loan officer for the house I was buying called to say that the loan had fallen through -- more about that in a separate post!! But anyway, that situation stressed me out to the point where I had to battle some minor anxiety problems while attending the final show of my vacation -- Blue Man Group!!!

I had some minor problems dealing with the strobe lighting and NOT wanting to get singled out in the crowd, but once I had finally relaxed, that show completely RULED!!! Blue Man Group was extremely funny and percussive and amazing. The "finale" to the show involved basically "toilet-papering" the whole auditorium and everyone in it!!! I won't describe it any further, but you just have to see the show. Their original instruments, and making music out of Captain Crunch are very entertaining. And the whole audience participation thing is sooooo fun! If only I had no anxiety about the loan thing, this would have been the best show I went to!

Anyways, we flew back the next day. And I had no major anxiety problems with flying or riding or getting along with my date. This Vegas trip will go down as one of my best 3 vacations ever.

Friends, make sure to check out the private post, as there are many more details!!

Hey Buddy!

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So, Pink is no longer on her own!! I adopted another kitten!

I adopted a male 12 week old kitten from a rescue organization called animal allies. I have since named him "Buddy". He's a lap kitty, who loves to crawl up on your chest and sing and rub his face on you! He's a charcoal gray color, and so far doesn't have any stripes or spots, although they'll probably appear as he gets older. Oh... he's also awfully playful!

I'm surprised at how quickly that he and Pink got along. It took about a week in total. At first, Pink would hiss and growl at him And then she watched him, but still growled at him... and then she'd only hiss and growl when SHE went up to him and smelled him. Now she bathes him, and they play together. THANK GOD this process was as quick as it was!!


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