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I'm Sirius

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I went ahead and did it. I bought and signed up for Satellite Radio. I decided upon Sirius for a couple of reasons. First, I love listening to Howard Stern now… I’m definitely looking forward to an unharnessed Stern! Secondly, NFL games!!! This way, when all of the good football games are preempted locally for the pathetic Washington Redskins or the Ravens, I can tune into the Dallas Cowboys on Sirius! Ahhh what a relief. I still may check out the Redskins broadcasts to hear Sonny Jergenson cry like a little baby, though!

Tomorrow is the Regional, Invitation only Poker Tournament. I’m really looking forward to seeing how well I can do against all decent players. I do realize that some of my “successes” have been in tournaments where some people don’t play all that well. This tournament

I’ve been a little busy for the past ten days… and it hasn’t been all work… Jack is definitely not being a dull boy!

Ten days ago (or so), it was my birthday! I’m now the ripe ol’ age of 33! To celebrate the day, I decided to call up an old buddy to go to a bar in Arlington to have some drinks and play some poker (yes, I’m becoming addicted — at least it’s free)!

So, I grab a beer, grab a chair and go at it. I play decently, but not nearly as well as I did the week before at TT Reynolds, when I won the whole thing. So, after about and hour and a half, I’m out of the tournament. My friend and I head to the bar to continue having some drinks (and to wait for the second tournament to begin).

Well, while we’re waiting, our waitress from the poker area asks us if we’d like something else to drink. I coyly bring up the fact that it’s my birthday (in hopes of getting a free drink), and she replies “What do you want? A hug?”

“Well, OK, if you’re passing them out, I’ll take one!” So, I got my hug and then my friend convinced her to get me a free drink anyway. So, she buys me a shot of Jaegermeister. Let me repeat… SHE BOUGHT IT FOR ME! It wasn’t a comp from the bar, she purchased it, gave it to me, and watched me drink it. And from then on, I begin to notice her smiling my direction, and start thinking that she may be flirting with me… Hmmmmmm!?!?

So, the second tournament begins, and an hour and fourty-five minutes later, I’m out again. And instead of leaving, I, under the influence of some alcohol, think that maybe I should check out the waitress and see where it might go.

So, when the poker tournament made it to the final table, I was standing there watching, and my waitress comes up to me and asks me what I was still doing there. “I want to see what happens!” She asks if I watch the poker games on TV, and I tell her that I do.

And then she asks me what I do (what my job is). Honestly, I answer her that I run the dining and catering services for a private high school.

“Which school” she asks.

“Episcopal High School” I answer.

“I don’t know that school. Our school doesn’t play them.” And at that very instant, I have 2 thoughts enter my head at the exact same time: one, she’s a teacher; or two, oh no!! And then she unloads the fact that she’s only 18. AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!

I respond something like “and I was just trying to figure out how to get your number, and you’re 18!?! I so had guessed that you were 22 or 23!” And immediately, I begin trying to figure out how to get out of the situation without her thinking that it had anything to do with her being only 18. She has to get someone else a drink, and I sneak away.

18!?! Sorry, can’t do that. I have 18 year old girls at the school where I work — it just wouldn’t be right. I’m still “surprised” by her little revelation!


That following Saturday (almost a week ago), I’ve still got the poker itch in me, and drive all the way down to Woodbridge to a bar called Brittany’s. I have a beer or two, and make it to the final two tables (still not doing as well as I did the first night) before losing. And while waiting for the 10:00 tournament to begin, I start to watch the final table from the first tournament.

And I don’t notice it, but a girl comes up beside me and starts watching the final table too. And then she begins to ask me questions about poker, and I explain it to her as best I can.

And when the 10:00 game begins, she asks if she can sit with me and watch me play. OK, no problem! And while we’re playing, she peaks to see my whole cards. And then she asks other poker-related questions. Every now and then, she’d bring up some other topic, but it wouldn’t get too far because we were playing poker.

Well, we finally get to the point where we’re down to the final two tables again, and another older lady joins the table. She introduces herself, and it was at that time, I learned my “new friend’s” name — Melissa. She also finds out my name — Brian. The game (and I’m not talking poker) had changed just a little bit.

Well, I get knocked out of the game just shy of making the final table — again — I’m really needing more practice before the regionals on June 18! So, as usual, I start watching the final table. And Melissa is right there watching too. And when the final game ended, I took a seat at a nearby table, and Melissa joined me.

And the conversation went something like this:

Me: “What are you going to do now?”

Melissa: “Well, either I can go home all by myself, or I can go to your place.”

Just the kind of answer I was looking for. I followed her to her place to drop her car off, picked her up, and came back to my place. She doesn’t even know my last name, we’ve had next to no conversations (unless it was about poker), and she’s going to go home with me? OK!

Well, in the car, we got to do some other talking. And here’s part of where I’m not sure about Melissa. Some of the conversation seemed quite simplistic. She’s a year older than I am (“twenty and fourteen”, she said), and she starts asking me what my favorite color was and my favorite foods and what kind of music I listened to. I was kind of puzzled by all of that.

Her voice also has the sound as if she may be (or have been) deaf or partially deaf. But I didn’t see any hearing aid, and when I’d talk to her in the bar, she could understand me — and we all know how hard that can be in a bar.

But she has the body type that I really like: thin, petite, long legs, small boobs, and a nice ass. Who would I have been to complain?

And when we got to my place, we both sat down on the couch…

… and … (if you’re easily offended, don’t click on the extended entry link below — and

Mom, you’re not allowed to read below!)


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