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The Way it should be!!!

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This September 13, on a Monday night, against the Washington Redskins, the best trio in football will all be inducted into the Dallas Cowboys’ Ring of Honor. Follows is an AP article explaining the whole thing:

Aikman, Irvin, Smith going in Ring of Honor together
By JAIME ARON, AP Sports Writer
July 20, 2005
IRVING, Texas (AP) — Of all the accolades and honors that Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith earned throughout their careers with the Dallas Cowboys, their favorite was something simple: their shared nickname, “The Triplets.”

While the phrase linked them in the minds of others, the teammates really were as tight as brothers. Each inspired, cajoled and teased the best out of the other two and their entire team was better off for it. Dallas went from 1-15 the year before they became a threesome to Super Bowl champions in their third, fourth and sixth years together.

Now that all three are retired, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has found another way to get the trio back together, announcing Wednesday that on Sept. 19 they’ll become the 13th, 14th and 15th recipients of the club’s Ring of Honor.

“Honestly,” a teary-eyed Irvin said, “this is the best way.”

Aikman, Irvin and Smith shared their memories for more than an hour in a news conference at Texas Stadium. The franchise’s five Super Bowl trophies gleamed on a table in front of them and the field was visible behind them; from the right angle, banners commemorating the three Super Bowls they won were flapping high over their heads.

Aikman recalled that the last time he was in this setting was his retirement press conference and he mentioned then how much he loved being called “The Triplets.”

“So when Jerry called me up and said we want you to go into the Ring of Honor and we’ve got a couple of special people we’ve got to go in with you named Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith, to me it was really the way that it should be,” Aikman said.

“We’re so connected,” added Smith.

Irvin mocked the current “Triplets” in Indianapolis, Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James.

“We are the Triplets because we won three Super Bowls,” Irvin said. “I need some championships in there somewhere!”

As fitting as their shared tribute is the timing of their ceremony: a Monday night game against their top division rival, the Washington Redskins.

“The Redskins are going to hate it. They better hate it because I don’t care much for them,” Smith said, smiling wide. “Jerry is going to showboat in front of them.”

The trio arrived separately over three straight summers, 1988-90, each a first-round pick. Irvin, drafted by Tex Schramm and Tom Landry, got hurt his rookie year and the team went 3-13, so bad that Dallas got the next No. 1 overall pick. Jones arrived in time to choose Aikman, but the Cowboys went 1-15.

Then Smith arrived — as did new offensive coordinator Norv Turner, something Aikman and Smith emphasized — and things began to change. Mixing up this terrific run-pass combination, Dallas made the playoffs in the Triplets’ second season together, 1991, and became champions following the ‘92, ‘93 and ‘95 seasons.

“People had to prepare for all three of us,” Smith said. “You could take one of us lightly if you want to, but the other two are going to hurt you pretty bad.”

Jones said Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer once told him that everyone in the league could read Dallas’ hand signals and know whether they were running or passing, and to which side — but they were so good, that defenses still couldn’t stop them.

Over their 10 seasons together, the Cowboys went 101-59, a .631 winning percentage, with six division titles and eight playoff appearances. Dallas is 31-49 in the five seasons since, losing its only playoff game.

“If I had any prayers, it would be to put some contracts in front of each one of these guys and relive what they brought the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones said.

Injuries forced Irvin to retire after the ‘99 season, then Aikman a year later, both having spent their entire careers with the Cowboys’ star on their helmets. Smith remained through 2002, then spent the past two seasons in Arizona.

Smith’s departure from the Cowboys was a bit messy, but the NFL’s career rushing leader reaffirmed his Dallas ties during a retirement news conference in February and later signed a ceremonial one-day contract so he could go out as a Cowboy. He opened his remarks Wednesday by saying, “It’s great to be back amongst the family.”

“A lot of the things I’ve done on the football field could not have been done without the throwing arm of Troy Aikman and the receiving arms and legs of Michael Irvin,” he said.

Jones said the chance to put all three players into the Ring together was too great of an opportunity to pass up. He added that it doesn’t mean the Ring will be closed to predecessors such as Drew Pearson, Harvey Martin, Ed “Too Tall” Jones and Charlie Waters.

Roger Staubach, one of three Ring members at the news conference, said he still expects some of his former teammates to get their due. He pointed out that the new stadium the team is building will be awfully big.

“There’s room for them,” he said. “It’s not the beginning of the end for the old regime.”

Seven of the previous 12 Ring members already are Hall of Famers. Irvin came up short in his first election earlier this year, but will be up for consideration again in February, when Aikman will be on the ballot for the first time. Smith won’t be eligible until 2010 because of the five-year waiting period after retirement.

The Poker...

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Not a lot going on these days… so there hasn’t been too much to write about.

I’m still in touch with Melissa… although I’m pretty sure that she’s not the one. But, I’ve got nothing else going on, and am having a good time. So for now, we’re still “dating” (I guess that’s the best way to describe it).

And my poker playing? Still going on. I’m trying to play twice a week. Still only playing the “free” league tournaments, though. I have gotten my name out there for some possible home game invitations. I guess I’ll weigh out playing in one of those, when invited, by how expensive the buy-in is. I probably won’t play an expensive one until I’m at least comfortable with the difference between the league play and the home game play.

Oh… and I’m still wanting to take a trip up to Atlantic City this summer, to test my skills at the cheap tables. Even though I do play online for money sometimes (I’m making a small profit overall!!!), it just will not be the same until being at the real tables.

So, if you’re curious as to how well I’m playing in my league poker tournaments, click here. Up until now, I’ve only tracked my final table appearances and results. Now I’m going to see how often I get there. Should be fun. Besides, these are still free tournaments (even though I have won about $60 worth of merchandise, I’ve only spent $25 of it… one place gave me a $10 g.c. that can only be used on non-poker nights… let’s just say that I’m pretty sure I won’t be at that place on a non-poker night. And another place gave me a $25 g.c. that I gave away to the lady who finished third. she’s a regular at the place, and again, I’m only there on non-poker nights!).

Happy Summer!


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