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Philly Snow

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pasnow.jpgTHIS is what I thought a Philadelphia snow would be like... first REAL one this year. Last week's snow was very minimal (and this one might end up that way, too) -- but this one definitely looks more like a Northern Snow!!!

Side Note: Can a change be on the way? In some ways, it already is!!!

A Quote I forgot about

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I haven't seen or heard this one for a while...

"Don't sweat the petty stuff...
... do pet the sweaty stuff"

Today's Quote

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"It's a new year, so I don't really care!"

Excellent, thank you, and gotcha!

It Ain't Easy

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cowboysbadsnap.jpgIt ain't easy being the sport fan that I am... How is it possible that Dallas could blow it THIS badly? For God's sake... it's the Redskins game all over again. Ugh! I could blame it on the officiating (the over-rule of the spot of the ball seems awfully suspect... you're telling me there was CLEAR, UNDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE where to spot the ball? Didn't think so either? But that's not the point.... I'm a fan of a team who's gotten me soooo close yet once again...

Just like my Hokies!!! Same thing... we were up 21-3 at halftime, and lost our bowl game by 7. We were up by 18 points!!! And lost by 7? That means we were outscored by 25 points in the 2nd half! Abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous!

Well, I head back to work tomorrow, after a nice 2 week getaway. It was nice, even though there was a lot of travel... and some sick time. Including being sick on Christmas day! I awoke at 2 am on Christmas morning with stomach pains... not an upset stomach, not a little stomach discomfort -- this was clear PAIN! For the next 2 hours, not only was I writhing in pain, I "expelled liquid heat" 4 times! And still didn't feel much better. I did take some pepto, hoping to feel better... and ended up falling asleep. At 6:15, I awoke, still feeling badly, and proceeded to vomit. At that point, my Christmas was ruined... I couldn't visit family, especially not knowing what kind of sickness I had... I called my brother and let him know that I wouldn't be there to see Jeremy open his presents. And for the first time EVER, I didn't go to my great aunt and uncle's house for Christmas lunch. In fact, the next thing I knew, it was 3:30, when my dad came in to check on me. Not a great Christmas day!

Even though the first couple of days back to work are usually rough (I'm not looking forward to re-establishing my sleep schedule), the first week won't be THAT bad... on Thursday, we're headed back to Florida. That trip will be a lot of work, but it's usually fun. I'm hoping to get back out to the casino and play some poker again. But more interestingly, I'll be participating in a 5k, along with my company cohorts. I didn't do it last year, because I was out of shape (still am), and couldn't fathom being up that early to walk. And as much as I've heard other people talking about their performance last year... I couldn't make up any excuses not to join in this year. I see it as a nice walk with my MP3 player for some fun tunes!

Other recent tidbits...

  • I'm officially a PA resident, complete with a PA driver's license. Best news... I don't have a corrective lens restriction in PA -- not necessary to wear glasses while driving!
  • When I moved into my PA home, there were problems with the dishwasher... asked that it be fixed... and it didn't... missed it during the home inspection... home warranty wouldn't cover it... but they would pay up to $250 for repair or replacement... couldn't find an inexpensive way to replace it because deliver/installation/pick-up is expensive... got lucky that Best Buy is offering free installation... new dishwasher total cost to me -- less than $100.
  • I've had a nice winning streak going in online poker. I've taken a $100 deposit, and turned it into over $350, all playing $5 + $0.50 sit and go's -- not too bad... it ain't easy, but not too bad.
  • I've been playing a PS2 game a whole lot on my PS3 -- Bully, by Rockstar Games (same people who put out the Grand Theft Auto series), is a really fun, really different game... Well worth your time and money!
  • I can't find Artie Lange's Beer League anywhere -- I'm amazed that the DVD is sold out, especially since it didn't do so well at the theaters!
  • A $500+ gas bill for one month? There's gonna be a phone call or two there!
Lastly... Happy New Year!

In past years, I have not made resolutions, because resolutions get broken... so I'm making a goal or 2 for myself...

  • Get back into Church -- find a church close by, and go... I gave myself a goal a couple of years back to go once per month... I hit that goal... this time, I'll shoot for 8 visits in 2007.

  • Drink more water. At work, I've gotten into the easy habit of drinking Diet Peach Snapple. Not a horribly bad habit, as it has no calories... but from past experience, the more water, the better.

  • Cook more for myself at home. Eat less fast food. Order less delivery.

  • I'd like to do something more athletically, but I know that if I set a goal to lose weight or go to the gym or something similar, that it'll be hard. I just work too damn much to commit time to this.

  • Not work so damn much. No explanation necessary.

  • Be social. I've got to get out and experience Philly. Hell, I moved into Manayunk because it's a neighborhood with lots to offer. I've got to get out and do it! It is tough to do anything when having to be at work early in the morning though... I still want to find someplace that offers "Bar Poker"

  • Continue building my online poker bankroll... maybe move up a limit or 2... maybe cash out some money. I'd love to make enough to cash out a little bit on a constant schedule... like a fun 2nd source of income...
  • I have to go to bed... first day back, and adjusting sleep schedules aren't fun....


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