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I am who I am.

About me.  It’s the one paper in school that I hated to write.  It’s not because I didn’t like writing, because I was OK with that.  It wasn’t because of the thinking part — I seemed to be pretty smart growing up.  I hated to write the “about me” paper because it required inward thinking.  And not just the intraspective part about me, because I could do that too.  The problem was making myself sound interesting.

Don’t get me wrong.  This wasn’t about self-confidence.  The problem is that I was just as boring as the guy next to me, who thought that he was something special!

What that means, is that what I found different or interesting about myself would bore the next guy, just like I could care less about what they feel makes them stick out.  It’s not that I would consider myself apathetic either, because I do care about others.  It’s just that I realize that I’m no more special than the next guy, and they’re no different than me.

I’d like to think that my life mantra of being “different but acceptable” was something unique.  After all, I don’t do something because everyone else does — I don’t need to wear the hot brand of clothes, I’ll never want an iphone (or anything by Apple, for that matter), and there’s no way in hell I will ever watch American Idol!  But let’s get real.  I’m the same as everyone else.

I have interests in playing poker, playing guitar, technology, serial TV shows, and interesting foods (there’s got to be a twist). I got lucky nearly 8 years ago, and found the love of my life, and married her 6 years ago.  Together, we’ve found a new meaning to life with the birth of our daughter Abby.  And we’ve learned that love is infinite with the birth of our son Bradley!  I aspire to be a good husband, and I hope that I’ll be a good dad and role model for my children.

So… who am I?  Who cares?  I’m me!  And if you want to read about me, keep coming back. If not, I understand… I’m the same as everybode else.

Virginia Born

Virginia Born & Bred

Born in, raised in, and proud to be a Virginian!

Virginia Tech Hokies

Hokie for Life

Attended Virginia Tech College of Engineering from 1990-1994.  But a Hokie for life!

America's Team

Cowboys Fan

Not a fair-weather fan — always a fan!  I was there when Dallas went 1-15 (and who did they defeat that year?  the skins!)

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