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Hacked, and thankfully recovered!

My site was hacked!  For a while, I thought I had lost it all… for a long while… for many weeks and months, I thought that it was all gone.  Turns out there were some hackers from Indonesia who got into my site, trying to scrape financial data from others who might be on the same server.

Today was the first day where I found time to try to play with my site in a while.  Luckily, the database was still intact, and I just needed to reconnect everything.

So, dear hackers… there’s nothing to find here.  Please don’t try to bring me down… I’m just doing a little site on the side for fun.  nothing more!

Moving! not literally…

moving.jpgSo, I’m moving a couple of things around now…   

  • I’m moving to a new webhost.  This will ultimately be cheaper than before, and should definitely be faster than before!

  • Same for my other domains…, which is the family site (and which needs more updating), as well as,, and (which all point to for now — but not necessarily for long… maybe some other moving stories about those sites soon!)

  • I’m also going to be moving away from movabletype…  movabletype used to be the premiere cms software, especially for personal sites and blogs.  I haven’t seen the level of development that used to be prevalent with MT,either on the platform side nor on the individual user side (aka plugins and themes)… so I’ll eventually be moving to wordpress.  Hopefully, all of this will import easily and correctly

  • Baby #2 is moving towards birth… Tuesday, we’ll be half way there!  Baby #2 is expected to arrive around July 8.  Exciting times!

Tesla the geek

In honor of Nikola Tesla Day, I present the following infographic orginally posted at


An update before too long, I promise…

Yeah, yeah, I know…  lately, I say that I’ll update something on the blog soon, and then never get around to it…


But, for now, I do have a reason…  since my daughter was born on January 6, I just haven’t had the time to do anything other than take care of her and her mommy.  Both Monica and Abigail Mona (we’ll call her Abby) are doing great!


And I promise I’ll get pictures up sometime when I get a free moment.  At least my “friends” can see some of them on Facebook!


I’ve also started working on a “family website”,, where I’ll update more about Abby, and put more pics up for friends and family to see.  I got the “framework” set up before the baby was born, but just haven’t had the time to go further…  but I will…  I’m really waiting for this one picture that was taken in the hospital to come back — one where Abby is essentially laying in my hand.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture, and want that to be one of the big “eye candy”-type pictures for that site…  but we’re still waiting…


Anyways… more info will really come along at some point!

Whoa, I, ohhhh, I’m still alive!

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam 2008

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(the post title must be sung in the voice of Eddie Vedder)

Yeah, I know, it’s been a LONG, LONG time since I’ve done anything here.  Funny how life keeps you busy sometimes.  So, since the last time I wrote, a lot has transpired.  I won’t get into tons of details, but I will list some highlights:

  • A HUGE panic attack, a year ago, where I thought I could have been having a heart attack.
  • Less time on the road, more time in the city.
  • Construction in our basement — we have the coolest bar, media, and exercise rooms!
  • I’ve lost 65 pounds:  motivations being fear of another panic attack, desire to be healthy, desire to be nimble in case I become a father, desire to run a 5k race.
  • Participated in a 5k race in May — to support Brain Tumor Research (my brother had a brain tumor 7 or 8 years ago, and is a survivor).
  • We’re expecting a little girl!  Our due date is January 4, and so far, Monica and baby are doing very well!  We’ll enter the third trimester in 2 weeks!

What I’m looking forward to right now…

It’s been a while since I’ve made one of my infamous (well, more appropriately, not famous) lists.  So, I think I’ve got a good bit to share.

  • I’m really looking forward to taking some time off.  We’ve got a “stay-cation” planned in July, and not doing anything sounds WONDERFUL right now!
  • I can’t wait for table games to begin at Charlestown Raceway & Slots!  Not having to drive all the way to Atlantic City to whet my blackjack, poker, or craps whistle will be very nice!
  • I’m ready for a new phone.  My current blackberry is still nice and functional and appropriate, but I’m ready for a new one.  Word going round is that the Blackberry 9800 Slider phone should be coming out in the next couple of months!  A full, touchscreen with a real keyboard, and much more application memory than my current blackberry!
  • I want a slate.  Not an ipad, which can’t multitask… I want a Notion Ink Adam!  Can handle the hi-def media requirements I like, as well as convert to the “kindle-like” monochrome screen for reading, just at the touch of a button!  And the anti-glare and viewing angles are awesome on this thing!  I hope that this will get me to read more… and hopefully digital magazines will be perfected by the time this comes out.Riddell Virginia Tech Hokies Full Size Replica Helmet at HSN.
  • I can’t wait for football to start up again!  Now that the conference-stealing-scrambling thing appears to be over, with relatively few defections, I can concentrate on some Virginia Tech football!  They’re looking to be good again this year, especially with the return of Ryan Williams AND Darren Evans in the backfield.  The running game will be amazing.  And with a (hopefully) mature Tyrod Taylor under center, we could have an explosive offense.  And Bud Foster’s defense ALWAYS plays tough.  This could be another ACC Championship year for the Hokies!  Oh, and it looks like I’ll be at the Boise State game, being played in DC on Labor Day!  Good times!
  • And my Dallas Cowboys are looking like they’re going to be pretty good this year again!  Let’s hope so!
  • And maybe another trip to Vegas in October?!?  If so, we can celebrate our “almost first year anniversary” while there!  I hear another trip to Sensi coming!