Washington_Monument.jpg The past couple of weeks have brought some milestones my way…
First milestone, I had a semi-milestone birthday — I’m now 35! Getting older and older and older…
Second milestone (and first change, I guess), I celebrated my 10th anniversary with my company! I can not be happier working for my company — business is booming (sales were up in my account this year, and we’re getting new accounts at a very fast rate). Going along with said booming business, I’ll be shortly returning to my old stomping grounds — I’m being re-relocated to the Washington, DC area. I’m happy with this move because it brings me closer to my family, and I still have friends in the area. Of course that does mean that I’ll have to endure yet another move… but the change is exciting!
Third milestone… I’ve increased my poker bankroll from a $100 deposit to over $700 (current balance is $728.25). Yeah, I’m still cheap with it — I only play $5 or $10 sit & go tournaments (more of the latter these days), but I’m still having fun, still trying to observe and learn as much as possible (still reading my books from Harrington and Gordon), and even though that’s not a ton of money, it’s not that bad!
A milestone and a change? As of this morning, I have dropped 27 pounds since January. I still have a ways to go, but celebrate your successes, right? I’d like to drop another 30 pounds (and would be content in that range, although I’d still try to drop more — tier your goals!), but do have the patience. My formula? Well, I’m not using the treadmill as much as I’d like to do… but I have been taking some walks recently (including walks of the entire distance of the Manaynk Towpath and back — I’m guessing total distance would be around 5 – 6 miles). But for me, there’s been one HUGE secret in my weight loss — Iced Coffee. I sincerely believe that the iced coffee I’ve been recently addicted to (Starbucks Venti Iced Coffee, Half Sweet — only 25 calories) has both reduced my appetite, and since I don’t consume caffeine very often has also somewhat increased my metabolism. I do realize that this will normalize at some point, and I’ll need to level-up the exercise, but for now, I’m happy with what’s happening.
Waaayyyy off topic… another change? How about the season finale of Lost? It was FANTASTIC! And the twist of the flash-forward reveal at the end? BRILLIANT! I had to go back aand watch the entire episode again, to see what I missed by assuming it was a flash-back. The heads of the show promised a “game-changer”… and they certainly delivered! BRAVO!
Anyways… I’ve got 2 more weeks of work left up here in Philadelphia. It’ll be a busy couple of weeks (tying up loose ends, transition, etc)… and then I’ll actually be working a summer program in DC starting June 25… wow, time moves quickly! I still have to figure out the moving/selling/buying/renting situations, not to mention packing… ugh….