I’ll mention my jury duty tomorrow, partially because I haven’t completed the case (have to go back tomorrow), but there’s a more important reason.
Last night or this morning, Adam Goren, a student at the Seminary where I used to work, and someone I do call a friend, passed away.
He was found dead in his bathroom. All indications lead to it being of natural causes. But it’s strange to me — not strange in an “I don’t believe it really was of natural causes” way, but strange in a theological or religious way.
Adam, who was only 27, was a Senior at VTS. He was preparing to take his GOE’s (General Ordination Exams) in January, and would be a practicing minister once he graduated this coming May. But Adam wasn’t your averagely-perceived Seminary student. Adam would have a beer with you (actually, he would race you in chugging beers), and Adam would use curse words, and Adam would organize Poker Tournaments. And I don’t think that there’s a thing wrong with anyy of those. See, I think that might have been part of Adam’s approach to getting the word of God out to people — by being a buddy, by being “real”, and by not being “preachy”. He spent some time with the Theology department at Episcopal, and had (I believe) hopes of working with the School Ministry.
And Adam was a great guy, too. He frequently helped us out with catering events, and would always make time to come back and speak to every single member of the kitchen. He’d even “flirt” with Mrs. Hazel, to make Pedro “jealous” — they both were playing, but it was great to have that kind of comraderie there.
And I don’t understand why someone with the potential to change so many people’s lives for the better, to bring people closer to God, has been taken from us. It doesn’t seem like it’s the best use of Adam and his now-unable-to-achieve potential. It’s also hard to believe that I just saw him on Sunday — seemingly in perfect condition — and now he’s no longer with us. I’m simply shocked.
I don’t proclaim to understand God’s will or God’s plan. But I do have faith that everything He does is for a reason. I’ll probably never know (at least while I’m alive) why God took Adam away from us, but when God does eventually explain it to me, it’ll make perfect sense.
But, even still, I’m sad.
And even though I know where Adam is right now, and that he’s absolutely happy, I still miss him.
Rest in Peace, Adam.