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8 days away...

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It's almost May... it's getting nice outside... and on May 8th...


I can't wait to see them in concert. Obviously, this will be the first time I've seen them in concert in over ten years (they were broken up for about ten years). Even though I could have spent my spring break in Detroit, where they were playing an acoustic CD release set (that would have been incredible), I instead chose to go to Miami. What a horrendous decision that was. But on May 8th, that wrong will be righted.

As for their new CD... I'm basically listening to about 4 of the songs more than the rest of the CD. "Words Can't Explain", "Caught up in a Dream", "Got no glory", and "Recognize Only You" are basically my favorite songs on the CD. Doesn't "Caught up in a Dream" remind you of good ol' Tesla? Where it'll get kind of heavy, and then an acoustic riff will take over the song... Damn, I love when they do that!

A little experiment

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Tomorrow (Monday), I’m going to begin a little experiment. I’m going to try to track results weekly for a month. So, hopefully by June 1st, I’ll have some interesting results to discuss. Depending on the results, I may be posting progress results weekly. If things are going better than I’ll be expecting, then I’m sure the results will be posted earlier. If not, then I’ll probably just post the results at the end of the month long experiment.

So, what’s the experiment? Stay tuned…

I will mention this, though… The experiment should have measurable results, but may also have some “immeasurable” results, which could be described along the lines of emotional or mental or possibly even physical….

Intrigued? Come back in a month or so…

Work, Work, Work

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Damn, that was a long 2 week period. Today was my first day off since Easter. And the last 2 days (Friday and Saturday), I was at work for a combined 30 hours. Yes, that’s 30 hours in 2 days, 13 hours on Friday and 17 hours on Saturday, that’s an average of 15 per day. Fuck that!

So, I’m off today, and I’m taking off tomorrow as well. Today, I slept until 11 (and that’s after getting home from work at 3 am!!!), and have accomplished exactly nothing. I did get to go out to lunch with Bo, Missy, Skip, and Jeremy. They were in DC for a long weekend for Sean’s wedding on Saturday. Unfortunately, they came up on Thursday, and I was too busy to hang out with them until today. We got lunch, and then they were on their way! It was fun while it lasted. And Jeremy just seems to be getting bigger and smarter every time I see him.

Sheryl Crow in the Air

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Yahoo! News - Sheryl Crow to Perform on Airline Flight (link no longer active)

I believe that I'd like to be on the flight, and would even attempt it without medication. Would that not be the coolest flight ever? Sheryl Crow and an acoustic guitar? Hell yeah!!!

Funny Web Site

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While reading this site (link no longer active) , I saw a link to an interesting site.

Subservient Chicken is a site sponsored by Burger King. Here’s the fun part… tell the chicken what to do, and it does it. It’s pretty amazing!

Here are some of the things that the chicken has successfully done for me:

Play Basketball
Clap on, clap off
Watch television
Look under the couch
I haven’t found too many things the chicken WON’T do. I was amazed that he’d actually moonwalk, but “clap on, clap off?” C’mon. I have no idea how this site works, but it is amusing and amazing!

Just make sure you try “get naked” before you leave the site. It’s worth it, trust me!

And if you can find anything different and funny, tell me about it in the comment section.

Web Traffic

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I guess a compelling sob story attracts readers... Or people wanting to know more info brings people back. Whatever the case, March 2004 brought triple the traffic of any other month to my website.

Obviously, "Reflections" is the page most visited -- it's also the only page I've updated in forever.

I also realize that since my site is syndicated via XML (see bottom right of page), and MovableType is set up to ping several blogging sites when my site is updated, that plenty of people are just clicking through to see what "Reflections" is all about.

I'm not wanting the site to be a traditional blog, where I comment on random news items or write poetry or any of that. It's just a personal journal. That's it.

You're welcome to read and to comment and come back. But do realize that I don't post regularly.

I haven't always been a fan of Cox Cable, but they did something right this time.

Sometime on Thursday, they "upgraded" their internet networks, and in doing so, they created an incompatibility for some folks with a certain type of cable modem.

So, they're crediting our accounts for the time we were down, AND they're exchanging cable modems. When I first heard this, I wasn't happy, because I own my cable modem, and I was just sure that they were going to give me a used, rented modem.

But no, they swapped my 2-3 years used modem for a brand new one! And obviously, I'm back online!

Cox definitely did the right thing! Above and beyond what I expected from them!

A found Quote

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I found the following quote, which opens a whole new level of realization.

"The person who cares the least has the most control." -- Anonymous

It's a totally different topic, but isn't funny how control issues were causes of some of my anxiety problems? And realization of issues controls the anxiety? And it also helped thinking that someone cared?

Is it another vicious circle? Would I have never had anxiety if I simply didn't care?

Ehhh... it doesn't work that way.... but by being circuitous, it still makes sense.


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